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Libido Enhancements

Libido+ Medical Clinics offer a range of treatments to help couples take back control of their sexual health. With medications and therapies that increase desire, sensation, orgasms, and overall sexual pleasure, we’re here to help couples bring back pleasure into their lives.

Increase erectile function with our Trimix and Quadmix treatments, which aren’t available anywhere else in Arizona. Due to their potency and personalized variations within each mix, these medications are guaranteed to treat ED 96% effectiveness. We offer 187 various combinations, uniquely mixed to suit your needs.

With our ED treatment, you have the power to determine how long your erection lasts. Our highly trained doctors know that everyone is different and customize your medication specifically for you. Whether you want an erection that lasts 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour, or longer, it’s all up to you and your partner!

Our medication isn’t like the rest. Your prescription will be custom blended so that after you achieve a climax, you’ll stay erect for the entire requested period. This allows you to achieve a second climax (the sensation is greater each time) and adequately satisfy your partner.

And for her pleasure… increase sensations and enjoyment with complementary libido-enhancing products for her.

Troche and mini-troche, which are ingestible, promote female sexual arousal and increases women’s sexual desire.

We offer topical creams to enhance libido in women and promotes female sexual arousal.

Our topical creams are tingly and create a warm feeling that intensifies sensations and orgasms, helping women feel more intimately connected to their body and partner.

Nasal sprays are a great option to increase sexual desire. These affect the molecules of the brain that causes sexual desire.